1.        Painted Dark Woodwork

Dark painted woodwork


What is there not to like about this? It’s reasonable easy to do, depending on the size of your room you could paint your woodwork in a weekend and it will make a massive change to any room.  I mean the contrast is just great, why should skirtings’ and door frames just be white?  I just love the contrast thou I must admit I’m gradually going over to the dark side with all my interiors, I just love all these luscious dark greens and blues which seem to be set to stay for 2018.  This really is a quick and easy way to update a room and I am totally sold!  (And currently planning to do it in my kitchen when the other half is off skiing so he can’t moan that it’s completely un-necessary and a waste of money, I mean what does he know? Of course I NEED to do it and my life will be so much more complete once it’s done.)

2.  Style it dark



Luckily for me dark colours seem to be here to stay in 2018, which is great so I can keep on my continued journey into the dark side!  Rich sumptuous greens, moody blues and dark greys are all must go to shades, add to this layers of plush velvet furniture in similar shades as the wall colours with accents of metallic brass or gold and marble will give you that ‘to die for look.

3.  Paired back Industrial




We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more’ well with this interior style it is definitely true.  This relax paired back industrial style is the one we all love but is really difficult to pull off, I mean getting that mix of ‘just styled’ and ‘relaxed’ just right?  Without it looking like you’ve just forgotten to clean up after dinner right?  The key is keeping to a limited number of textures and colours, lots of wood, metal and polished concrete are still big favourites, crisp white, simple crockery on a polished concrete table top, with clear minimal lighting - perfect.  I love this look, it just doesn’t sit well with my clean and tidy (possibly bordering on slight OCD) side I have tried a number of times with this ‘relaxed look’ I just can’t do it thou, everything has a place in my house and it needs to be in it! I have just about managed to live with keeping the placemats on the table, although they have to be in a perfect pile and certain place otherwise it annoys me and I still can’t help just straightening them every time I walk past.

4.    Paint effects


Gone are the ‘feature walls’ of the past or even a solid colour on your wall, 2018 is all about embracing colour blocks, working with straight lines to create a new and sophisticated look.  Follow architectural features of the room like in the picture above but in a new and interesting way.  Pair this look with simple, clean lined furniture and lighting and let the walls sing. 

5.    Greenery


Plants are a great accessory in any home not only do they look nice but they have lots of health benefits for us too.  The use of greenery in home décor is everywhere even if it isn’t the real thing!  Beautifully opulent wallpapers drenched in palm leafs or gorgeous floral fabrics for cushions,

Indoor terrariums and an array of planters or plant boxes will be filling every corner of our homes for 2018.