As anyone who knows me will know I HATE heights, going up the escalator in the shopping centre is just too high for me, so knowing this I’m sure you will agree I have been very brave, having been on top of the scaffolding painting the old horrible looking pebble dash which I’m sure you will agree now looks much smarter?

Another job that I have been doing, for what seems like a year, is stripping the horrible purple/pink from around the windows.  I’m sure you’ll agree that paint stripping is yet another one of those horrible jobs that we all hate?  Well me too, but my hatred for that existing colour has been keeping me going, and luckily the sun had been shinning.  After 2 painful weeks of paint stripping the end is in sight, again the front of the building is looking great.  The wood has now been sanded down, cleaned and is waiting for another lovely day to be able to treat the wood and replace some of the very rotten bits.  I’m still undecided now that it’s all back to wood whether to paint this or not.  It was always my original intention to paint the wooden frames but I quite like the contrast now, what do you think?

Ever the optimist I feel we are moving forward with things, but it’s hard to see the end when everywhere looks a mess and everything you look at needs something doing to it.  When you get to this stage it is important to keep yourself motivated and set realistic goals, (although my goals are always a little far from realistic!) otherwise your project could start to slip.  It’s very easy to get in a downwards spiral, you feel there’s too much to do, no motivation to get anything done, nothing does get done, budgets and timelines go out of the window.   It’s always a good idea to re-visit your schedule and see what has changed, try and re-work it maybe bring something forward or if budgets will allow try and get more trades on site to bring you back on track.  See if you can break things down into small manageable pieces like you did at the start.  A clever way to re-gain some motivation is look and think about what you have already achieved rather than looking at what needs to be done. 

With that all said unfortunately we’ve had a major setback, as my main contractor has hurt his back and hasn’t been with us so the shop has been shut up and no work has been done this last 2 weeks.  I have however, spent the time wisely thinking of brilliant design ideas for the showroom when we have walls again to decorate.  I have also  been busy looking at fixtures and finishes and have found a great place Skirting World who do MDF skirting boards and architraves, after spending hours searching through their impressively large collection of styles and designs I think I have decided on 'Vienna Skirting Board'. I think this will suit the age of the property well, and the rebate option is a perfect solution for hiding wires or pipework.

Fingers crossed there will be more movement next week and we might even be at the stage for plasters to start by the end of the month!  Why not join our newsletter and receive 10% off your next purchase and keep up to date with offers and be one of the first to get an invitation to the grand opening!