With our new showroom, there have been several ‘repairs’ and ‘fixes’ that have been done badly over the years, particularly where the roof is concerned.  It is leaking in various places which has led to further damage to the wooden joists which need replacing.  Our first job is to fix the roof, which is definitely a job for the professionals!  The upstairs ceiling is sagging and twisted in ways it shouldn’t have and in one section there is a great big piece of cardboard screwed to the ceiling, not sure what that is helping!  So one of the first things we’re going to tackle is taking that all down, demolition bar at the ready.

Since completing the renovation on my Victorian property well over a year ago, the horror, dirty and grime of renovation work had faded into a distance memory, well that was until today.  I had forgotten just how much that 100 year old dirty, mixed in with a bit of soot and some of the old plaster gets absolutely everywhere.  In your ears, eyes, hair and even after standing in the shower for 20 mins until the water ‘runs clean’ like when you die your hair, does it still feel like you are covered!  Let alone how bad and dry your skin feels.  I keep telling myself ‘It’ll be all worth it in the end’ and ‘there’s not really THAT much to do’, although I do enjoy the actual demolition part of things, no need for the gym. 

 Day one of the demolition is now complete and the upstairs ceiling is nearly down.  Now that the ceiling is all down the extent of the neglect and repair work to be done is evident, but also how fantastic it will look with a vaulted ceiling, sadly due to the extra costs invloved to make it vaulted a normal ceiling will be going back up.

Ok so two full skips and two weeks later the demolition and ripping out is completed, the building is definatly standing, all be it looking rather sorry for itself!  It's now the time to start the rebuilding, it is nice thou when you can see the bare bones of the building and the little bits of the buildings history are revealed.  In the 1900's our showroom started life as 2 separate houses, being joined into one building in 1926.  Now the plaster has been taken off and the ceilings have been taken down, you can see where old chimneys have been and where walls have been taken away to make the two houses into one large shop. Luckily all the structural (and expensive) steels are still fine and don't need replacing, just need to add plenty of insulation to make sure it's nice and warm.

 We will keep you up to date with whats happening in our blog and hopefully next time we will have new ceilings up and that horrible purple/pink paint on the door will be a lovely blue.