Storage, Storage, Storage
Children generally need a lot of storage for all those toys, teddies and books.  If you keep the storage to their height, children will be able to access it easier and hopefully it will be used more often.  Storage benches, baskets, coat pegs work well to give plenty of cubby holes for storage and being in arm’s reach will encourage them to help tidy away and look after their toys.  
Keep to a simple colour pallet. 
Rooms and looks can be easily updated by changing or adding new accessories.  If you start with a simple colour pallet to begin with you can change and update the look as your child grows.  Pastels, neutrals, or monochrome all work well in a child’s room.  Then use lots of colourful accessories and pictures to add interest.
Wall Stickers.
Removable wall stickers and transfers are becoming more and more popular as they are an easy way to instantly change the look and feel of a room.  Available in a range of colours, styles and patterns you could even let your child have fun sticking them on the walls. 
Make sure to add different lights.
Lighting is one of the most important factors in an room, not only does it help us to see, it can make a statement and also help with tasks such as reading, or for children to light the way to the toilet in the night.  Make sure you include multiple light sources
Display places and interactive art gallery.
Children love to show off their work so why not create an interactive boarder by using some brightly coloured string or ribbon hung across a wall, then use pegs to hang up any artwork.