As with every New Year, we all seem compiled to change, set ourselves new goals, new years resolutions by now we have possible already failed on or my personal favourite, get swayed by all the new year’s trends.  It doesn’t seem to matter where we look or what we read – must-do-trends seem to seep into our lives and then before we know it we are ripping out our kitchens ( I think the other half would leave if I tried this one, but the others are on my hit list!), replacing our bathroom floors and hanging that wallpaper we vowed never to use again. Sound familiar?  Well not every room update has to include changing everything; I know hard to believe isn’t it! If you’re anything like me this is what you would like to do every time but sometimes a quick paint job here or some new accessories there is all we need, well here are my top 5 tips for changing your interiors.

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