1.  Make a room seem bigger

By propping a large scale mirror against a wall will instantly expand the space and make it feel roomier.   

2.  Reflective gallery

 Adding mirrors in different sizes and shapes along with pictures or plates will give a distinctive eclectic look.

3.  Reflect the great outdoors

Hanging a mirror or leaning a mirror on a wall so it can reflect a window or the outdoors is a great way to give the illusion that there is another window in the room.  The space will look bigger and help to bring the outside in and depending on the weather will make it feel brighter too! 

4.  Add a trio of interest

Adding three different shaped mirrors in a line will make an interesting wall display.  Place them behind the sofa for added interest.

5.  Create a focal point

 Adding a glamorous bold mirror can help create a focal point to any room.  Here this lovely shaped mirror becomes the artwork and feature in this simple minimal room.