I was determined to keep some of the lovely woodwork on the outside of the building, especially  after all that sanding and paint stripping, but as a lot of it was very rotten it was only really the door and frame which looked good enough to keep.  It’s now had two coats of varnish, the new open and closed sticker on it and new shinny chrome hardware, I must say it looks very good, what do you think?

The rest of the outside of the building has been given a similar make-over, recently being described as ‘a beautiful swan’ we have replaced the leaking flat roof with a shiny new rubber one, replaced the old UPVC signs with lovely wooden ones, added new mouldings to the window frames and given everything a good coat of waterproofing primer then 3 coats of colour.  That should ensure that the outside of the building remains looking good for years to come.  Now complete with our signage and window stickers.  I really need to mention what a fantastic job Lee @ Art Signs did with our signs, I was a particularly ‘fussy’ customer having a clear vision of how I wanted things to look but he did put up with all my indecisions, changes and demands! Highly recommended thanks Lee.

Having enjoyed shopping (a lot) in the past and then not enjoying shopping after having children, I mean trying to navigate around shops with a pram and small child in toe, isn’t fun especially when the walkway is about as wide as a pram, it goes from a relaxing shopping experience to running the gauntlet!  This is why one of my main goals for the showroom was that it was a nice, relaxed environment, with plenty of ‘pram moving’ space.    

I have had a lot of fun when designing the interior of the showroom, from the intricate woodwork all to hide a cupboard to the plywood wall, and the black wall and skirtings’.  These are the end results which I’m very pleased with.


The walls here are painted in Little Greene Inox, with the skirtings in Lamp Black.  


Looking great agaisnt the grey wall the hand-made Monyash chair looks very inviting and the colours really pop with the black skirtings. 

We'd love to know your thoughts of the new showroom, or why not pop in and have a look around we're open 6 days a week.