Family dining room

This customer actually won a free interior design scheme during a promotion. She was over the moon to win as she was already in the process of changing her separate dining room and dated kitchen into one space. She had already made the decision to knock the two rooms into one, chosen her new kitchen units and re-configured the kitchen space but was at a loss of what to do with the dining area. It was important to her that she kept the dining table but she also wanted the area to work as a social space when friends and family came round.

The original oversized dining table was replaced for a much smaller one and a comfy sofa was introduced to give this room the multi-functional space the customer was after. The introduction of the bold retro inspired wallpaper was at first out of the customers comfort zone but she trusted my vision for the room and was happy to go with it. She is now so please I pushed her out of her comfort zone, its something she never would have chosen on her own but she absolutely loves it!

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