Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, if the past twelve months have taught us anything, it’s that it’s more important than ever to celebrate our loved ones.

So, whether you’re sparking up a new romance, are in a long-term relationship, or are one half of a married couple, now’s the time to show your partner how much you appreciate them.

We’ve put together this handy gift guide to help you find the perfect present to express your feelings this perfect Valentine’s Day! 

For Couples Who Love to Snuggle

If you and your other half love to have cosy nights in together then these gifts are perfect for making your snuggle time extra special. 

The Handmade Snuggler is made from incredibly soft velvet fabric and will inspire quality snuggle time for years to come! This quality sofa is made to order in a variety of colours, making it the perfect addition for any home. 

This sumptuously soft velvet quilt is also perfect for cuddling up together. Its generous size makes it perfect for throwing on your bed or snuggling up on the sofa.

For the Partner Who Lights Up Your Life 

This heart-shaped statement bulb adds fun vintage vibes to any room and is the perfect way to show your partner how much their love brightens up your life! 








Film buffs will love this Seletti ‘My Little Valentine’ Table Lamp which looks like a scene straight out of a thriller. This decorative lamp is romantic and practical, making it a unique gift that can be enjoyed all-year-round. 

To Set a Romantic Mood

The right scent holds so much power; it can stimulate relaxation, provide comfort and even set a romantic mood. We’ve picked out the three most romantic scents so all you have to do is choose your favourite soy-wax candle. 

Vetiver and vanilla is a classic combo of sweet and earthy tones that are guaranteed to set a light romantic mood.

Amber and smoke is a sensual and mysterious scent that creates a warm and luxurious atmosphere. 

Cranberry and rose give off a sweet and energising aroma that fills your space with invigorating floral notes.  

For Classic Romantics

You can’t go wrong with flowers. After all, there’s a reason why this classic gift has stood the test of time. Roses are said to be the most romantic flowers, but why not add a twist? 

These soft pink roses are part of our faux botanicals range which means you can create a bouquet or display that your partner can enjoy for much longer. With all the beauty of fresh flowers, these roses won’t wither and they can be added to new displays throughout the year. 

Oh, and don’t forget a card, any classic romantic will adore this thoughtful touch!

For Couples Who Love to Have Fun

We all need a good laugh right now, so why not give a gift that’s both romantic and fun!

This Va Va Voom Print is both stylish and entertaining. It will brighten up any room with fun French vibes and let your partner know you’re thinking of them every time they see it. 

These Mr & Mrs Knobs are perfect for engaged couples or newlyweds and they’re guaranteed to put a smile on each of your faces every time you open the door!

For Your Best Friend

Valentine’s doesn’t just have to be about romantic love; you can celebrate your friendships too! 

Show your bestie how much you appreciate them with this luxury journal. Embossed with the bold statement ‘Love Is Love’ on the front, your friend will enjoy a daily reminder of how special your bond is. 

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